January 2006 Archives

Recent work


Having produced commercials and promos for many years and after working as Head of Commercials Production at Exposure Films (now known as HSI London) from January 2005 to January 2006 , I have more recently decided to try to link my strengths within that industry with my enthusiasm for the longer format.

I have been collaborating with Director Daniel Mulloy on his film projects whilst completing final post on his latest short film DAD which is scheduled to premiere at Edinburgh this summer 06 as part of the UK Film Council / Maya completion fund. I have also produced a short film called SISTER with Daniel which was funded by the Arts Council of Wales and opened the Cardiff Film Festival in November 2004. It won a Welsh BAFTA for best short and the Arte Prize at HAMBURG 2005. It is coming to the end of its festival circuit and has won many other awards including best cinematography at Bucharest.

Through Exposure Films, I have been co-producing THE POND, a short film written and directed by Sonja Phillips. We still need to shoot a day of underwater photography to complete the project, but funds are now in place for this, so we hope to finish the film by the end of summer. I have also been working as post production supervisor on Barney Clay's short film FINKLE'S ODYSSEY which is also very near to completion now, after over a year's worth of fantastic and surprising VFX work.

I am now based at Rattling Stick (award winning Directors Danny Kleinman and Ringan Ledwidge's new company) producing commercials for Tom Vaughan who recently joined from his previous company HLA after completing his first feature film STARTER FOR TEN with James McAvoy. Here I am also able to look after my independent film projects whilst promoting and producing for Tom.....

We shoot our first commercial next week (last week of August - barely a month after joining) with JWT & starring Ray Winstone. Should be fun!


Having completed a BA in filmmaking and creative writing at Sarah Lawrence College in New York, USA, I came to London to study history at UCL and then work on a feature film called HALF MOON STREET Directed by Bob Swaim. After that, I moved into commercials work, starting as PA, then Production Manager, and then Producing at many Production Companies including BFCS, THE PRODUCERS, MIGHTY, COWBOY, RSA, TIGER ASPECT, BRAVE, BLINK, HLA, @RADICAL MEDIA, SID ROBERSON FILMS and EXPOSURE FILMS / HSI LONDON, RATTLING STICK, INDEPENDENT...

I have worked in the British Advertising Industry for over 20 years now!! I have produced short films, promos and many many commercials for Directors including Simon Levene, Nick Lewin, Peter Richardson, Lucy Blakstad, Stuart Rideout, Marc Charach, JJ Keith, Rob Sanders, Tom Vaughan, Adam Johnson, Paul Goldman, Sid Roberson, Jake & Jim, Jonas Akerland, Daniel Mulloy, Barney Clay, Sonja Phillips, Paul Middleditch, Michael Keillor, Thomas Napper and Joseph Kahn, Steve Cope, the Sniper Twins, Philippe André, Trevor and Johnnie.

I have been working in the longer format for over 10 years in parallel, focussing more on feature development now, but stil dabbling in art films and short films and content... As well as consulting in brand funded projects.