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Son Shoot Finished



So I realise I haven't written anything for a while, and thought it was time to remedy that! I just finished shooting SON yesterday evening. We shot Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at an amazing location called SHUNT under London Bridge. It is my first Branded Content project - Sony provided DANIEL MULLOY with a bit of funding for his film in return for Sony Vaio product placement in the film, a Making Of Documentary and a bit of PR.

It was a very ambitious project considering the budget, and I am pleased that after all the stresses and efforts trying to pull it all together it will look amazing. Can't say it's been easy! But as usual on these short films, it seems to gather together passionate people who are an inspiration to work with and make the overall experience a rewarding one. ROBBIE RYAN lit the film with the help of his very reduced lighting crew. GEORGE TOMLINSON was the art director and the link with Shunt who are a collective of artists who inhabit this amazing cavernous space under the tube. There is a bar and a stage and lots of workshops all connected by endless vaulted corridors and doors leading to spaces dark and mysterious... It is musty & dark but full of athmosphere & history (not to mention rats...) When you first come in, you can smell the remnants of old wine casks in places. It feels like the old film studios in that everywhere you walk you are walking past bizarre props, constructions and sculptures.

It was wonderful looking at the bar area (our first set up on Saturday) lit by festooned lamps and candle light and seeing it filled up with our walk ons and extras - and thinking back to the weeks listening to CHARIS (her first ever job!!!) on the phone pleading the hundreds of people who responded to her emails to come be an extra on this short film. She couldn't really pay them anything and they'd have to spend their entire weekend from 08:00 to 20:00 on set, but please please would they come. She was still on the phone at midnight on Friday night PLEASE COME... BRING ANY FRIENDS!!!! It's an amazing and unbelievable achievement and I hope she is feeling very proud now that it's all over and she can relax once again.