April 2008 Archives

Rattling Stick news update


I realise it has been over a year since I last updated this site - oops. On the Rattling Stick front, Tom Vaughan went off in June to shoot his second feature film What Happens In Vegas... with Cameron Diaz & Ashton Kutcher and in fact they had their UK premiere the same night as The Pond so unfortunately I missed it. Johnnie, Chris and Lucy went from Rattling Stick though and really enjoyed it. The US premiere follows shortly this month and then Tom will be available for commercials again. In the meantime I produced a new form of advertsing campaign with Darren Bailes at Mother for PG. We produced a 10 minute infomercial to feature on free DVDs (outtakes & all) that will be available on packs of PG Tips in supermarkets, a 5 minute cinema version to go out before the main attraction in UK cinemas, and 30 & 40 sec trailers for use on internet. Mother and Rattling Stick teamed up as one to make production as cost effective as possible and the result is really good. At the end of 2007 Steve Cope joined Rattling Stick from Red Bee and I have been producing for him. His debut Rattling Stick commercial was for KIA cars through Mustoes and now we're busy pitching...

Pond Premiere


We had The Pond premiere screening at BAFTA this week and it was a great success. The print looked fabulous up on the big screen, we had a great turnout and the film went down like a storm! It was amazing seeing all the kids who were in the film, unrecognisably grown up after two and a half years. The British Council have picked the film up and we are starting to enter it into festivals in earnest now. Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures, except for two we grabbed as we were leaving...

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