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Osama at Rotterdam




What a wonderful surprise to find Osama here at Rotterdam! Osama was selected for the CineMart but was not able to attach a producer to the project in time. So he has brought his project here after all with posters, pamphlets and a short promo film he put together which really brings the project to life. After coming in to the cinemart drinks session, he had a crowd of interested producers around him. It won't be long now before they are fighting over the project! Maybe even Patrick Cassavetti...

Rotterdam Producer's Lab



I am at Rotterdam International Film Festival just now thanks to the UK Film Council who selected 6 up and coming British Producers to attend the producers lab. We have had tutoring from Ido Abrams from the Binger Filmlab, Lance Weiler and Brian Chirls, as well as pitching and networking opportunities with European co-producers, distributors and sales agents.

The 6 UK Producers here are Tristan Goligher from The Bureau Film Company, Sarada McDermott from Northern Soul, Helen Grace from Little Dragon Films, Alison Morrow from Met Productions and Geraldine Patton from Keel Films and me.

There are producers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Japan, Singapore, China, India, Holland, Germany, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Chile and the US. Many great sounding projects, some who have already secured most their finance, one who has already secured $25 million!



Sister Films New Website


Just before Daniel heads off to Cuba to start shooting Una Noche, and I head over to Rotterdam to participate in the Producer's Lab - we have finally managed to get the new Sister Films website up and running! Exciting. It still works better when viewed from a mac than a pc, but we're working on that.

Film still of Elio doing a backflip

We'll try to keep updating the site with anything new and exciting we're up to.

We went to see Slumdog Millionaire yesterday and really enjoyed it. I wonder how they found those kids. What a great cast they put together. I am wondering if Paul Ritchie (the co-producer) is the same Paul Ritchie whose mother is Alison costume designer. If so, I am really really impressed and pleased for him. A great film to pull off so skillfully.