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The Pond shortlisted for Fujishorts


It was good news to hear that The Pond was shortlisted for the Fujifilm shorts competition. They must have a pretty extensive mailing list as I received many nice messages of congratulations. I guess it's unlikely we'll win, but it's still nice to be shortlisted. The print has been sent off to Barcelona and California last week, so it's still making its way around the world... Fingers crossed it might win a few more prizes.

cinema extreme workshop


I got back from Nottingham last night where I spent two days involved in the cinema extreme workshop despite Daniel not being able to make it as he is still in Cuba in the middle of the Una Noche shoot. I really enjoyed it, and again it is always a pleasure meeting the other filmmakers and hearing about their projects and of course it is very stimulating hearing what they think about yours too. We worked on two of Daniel's script options and I've left a little unsure which one to move forward, but I can't wait for Daniel to get back so we get working on all the fresh ideas that came through. Of course they still need to knock back 26 projects to be left with only 4. That's probably harsher competition than getting into a nice school...

1st AD on promos


I've been keeping busy this past couple of weeks firsting pop promos with HSI director Douglas Hart. Douglas Hart

Apoa and Kiloh think this is way more impressive than making washing powder ads or short films about suicidal teenagers (actually on second thoughts they might think that was pretty cool too...).

The first promo was an 8 minute track called Sea Within A Sea for The Horrors which was basically all live performance but with a psychadelic projection that made the whole piece look pretty cool.

The second was for Last Of The English Roses by Pete Doherty and involved shooting Pete and a five a side football game outside. I'm sure the temperature had fallen below zero that day and in fact might have contributed to the playback breaking down almost as soon as we started using it!

Heather, our production manager, resorted to chasing the camera & Pete as we paced the football court, with the track playing off her laptop! Heather on playback Well it worked thankfully! But we were all relieved when we had to move inside to shoot the final lip-synch inside and standing still!

Kiloh was desperate to miss school and help out on set to be near Pete...

TheLittleGirl.jpg I am so excited that this film is finally available once again on DVD!!! I have been trying to get a hold of it for ages & keep bugging people about it - now Billy has ordered it from Lovefilm and it is here!!! It'll probably feel very 70's, but let's hope it's as good as I remembered it to be...

I think it's the first film I ever saw Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen in (although I must have seen Bugsy Malone). They were both amazingly well cast in these roles. The film was so skillfully directed and the performances were so strong that for a long time my brother and I were obsessed with this film. The image of Jodie's stony tight-lipped face as Martin Sheen stroked her fair fair hair... and I will always remember to use an almond flavoured tea if I ever plan to poison anyone with arsenic.

Jodie Foster was already by then an incredibly accomplished actress bearing in mind she was only 12 or 13 when she made this film (I think anyway!). She seemed to have cornered the market for 'older than her years' most notably with her roles as Tallulah & the teenager in Taxi Driver. In fact one of the most exciting star-spotting moments in my life was sitting at a table next to her at a restaurant on l'ile de la cité in Paris. I believe we were celebrating my friend's 16th birthday and we were probably a little loud and giggly. When we asked the waiter if the girl sitting at the table there was indeed Jodie Foster, he embarassed us all by saying "Jodie quoi???" very loudly and repeatedly.

She was so cool she just smiled at us.

Happiness is a bit of snow


School's out

Billy & the snow man snow bunny

Is it art?


mmm, what is this?

Back to reality



This is the doughnut & coffee that greeted me at Rotterdam airport on Thursday 'morning' after our last night of the lab. I finished reading The Road and set my sights on flying back to London.

Back in London & it is snowing. In fact looking out my window it looks like it might even be sticking around through the night. Daniel flew back from Cuba on Thursday as well & in fact we were heading back into town about the same time. I missed him on Friday as he was still very preoccupied with all things Una Noche . He has been startled by how pivotal a role he has had in his sister's film and feels torn about being away from set. But today he had to fly over to Denmark to meet with Lars Von Trier and the team from Advanced Party 2 before they start the workshops in Berlin next week.

I still have a few things to put together before being in a position to apply for the development funding for our URP project, but it looks like I have a week to get it all together in order to catch Daniel when he gets back. Ideally I can get a few meetings lined up before he has to head back to Cuba again. Of course we have the cinema extreme workshops to fit into February too.

Hopefully I will also be able to fit in working with the Wilson Sisters on their cinema extreme project too, which they were hoping to shoot at the end of February...

HankwithanE.jpg NYdinner.JPG

Here are a couple of pictures of our dinner on the last night of the lab. Hank with an 'e', Helen, Corey, Ilse, Lisette, Tristan & Piccollo. Before completely immersing myself in reality it is with a warm smile I remember this crowd. I hope we will all keep in touch. In fact Zoe set up a Facebook page and I hope people will upload some pictures. I didn't bring a camera & only have rubbish mobile pics. I know there are a fare few pics out there, so please send them on!


The dinner was at the glamourous Hotel New York where the Rotterdam FilmLab took us for lunch, but hid us away in a room at the back with a few stacks of sandwiches, so we felt that we'd missed out on the experience. We took an exciting James Bond style speed boat ride to get there & it was a great start to a great & memorable evening (albeit a little messy by 6am!).