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So I am now getting ready for my stint in Cannes. I'll be going from 15th to 20th May. Daniel and I have met the cinema extreme deadline, so we can forget about that til June. Next Daniel has to get his Advance Party II treatment in to Sigma Films within the next couple of weeks and we need to concentrate on the treatments for the 3 feature projects Daniel has been writing.

Pet Shop Boys


And here's another couple of pics from the Pet Shop Boys promo we shot last week. Claire_Popstar300.jpg
One of Claire as pop star.

Neil posed with Douglas for his twitter page. I guess I'll have to get the iphone before I quite manage to upload anything interesting like pictures onto Twitter properly. The song was called Did You See Me Coming. It did sound terribly familiar, but as Neil joked, they've been doing the same thing for years and years, so no surprises there.
Neil Tennant & Douglas Hart

Jake Polonsky's family photo


Jake took this sumptuous picture while we were shooting Songs For My Mother with the Wilson Sisters. I think it's time Annie Liebowitz made way for newer stronger talent! We'll save it for our feature in Vanity Fair!


Louise, Jane, Tereza, me & Claire Luke

We finished shooting The Wilson Sisters' short film last week and it's nice to finally have a free weekend to recover.

Claire&Ohna_Toilet Train_Reflections

It's been a really valuable experience and interesting in tandem with what Daniel and I are working on. It's been great working with the HSI gang again, particularly Claire Luke & Claire Neate James as the last time must have been on The Pond. In fact we even managed to get Rebecca Kibble back on this who worked as my 2nd. There were definitely some funny moments, but I think everyone did really well as the schedule was very ambitious in 4 days and the Claires made sure it was all as professional as if there had been proper money behind it. You know we even had caterers!

It was great getting to meet the twins and work with them and we had a great crew. Jake Polonsky lit it and the footage is absolutely beautiful. I think the infrastructure and the restrictions that come with a 35mm film shoot came as a bit of a surprise to the girls. I think they adapted well though, and having created their piece for the BFI, this film was something the twins had lived and thought about extensively. I think the exercise and experience of turning this idea into a film was a new challenge which I think they really enjoyed too.

clock still from BFI piece

I had always wanted to shoot at the hornsey town hall which is a hero of the film as much as the two girls in it. Only 10 minutes walk from the house!

The following day, this is totally unrelated but, Billy took me to see La Ciudad de Sylvia, which was directed by a Spanish artist and which felt like someone had given the sisters enough money to make a feature length film. There were lots of beautiful shots and reflections and long lingering moments. Half way through the film there was a cut from loud music to two people sleeping in a bed in silence. Well not exactly in silence as there were two old dears at the back of the cinema snoring loudly and the effect of this spontaneous sound track was very funny.

But anyway, I can't wait to see how the film will look after it's edited together. It is also funny having been to the cinema extreme workshops and knowing that this is the last film in last year's batch to be completed and therefore quite long & keenly awaited.

Until it is done, if anyone wants to have a look at the work they put together for the BFI, you can click on the link below.

Wilson Sister's BFI piece