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Blur Friends & Family


Claire got us tickets to the Blur gig yesterday afternoon at the Brixton Academy which was great fun. It was really good watching & hearing them play together again. It was strange thinking that the last time I saw them live was when Apoa (or was it Kiloh?) was in my belly & due in about 2 weeks. It was a pretty full on gig at Ally Pally but I can't remember now who all else was playing there, but I remember thinking it was one of the more uncomfortable things I did in pregnancy (oh yeah & that 10 hour bike ride up & down hills in Devon at 8 months). Anyway, there I was with Kiloh & Apoa (now all beautiful and grown up) standing in front of me, when suddenly Kiloh started forwards and crashed flat on the floor without even putting her hands out to protect herself. What a shock! I went after her and tried to drag her up off the floor but she was completely dead weight and absolutely motionless. I thought had somebody pushed her? Had she been shot? When suddenly after about two seconds she came to, looked up at me and said "I fainted!". She almost immediately jumped back up on her feet and then said "how cool!". Yikes! Anyway, she was fine after that but that was certainly a moment I'll remember!

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Sochi pics




An interesting time was had by all. Good to get a better idea of how it works out there.



More good news... While we were enjoying a luxurious holiday out in Bergerac last week, I got two pieces of exciting news! First good news was that Daniel and I were awarded the UKFC & Film4's cinema extreme this year & hope to be shooting Daniel's next short film BABY in early autumn this year. The second bit of good news is that I qualified for the European Producer's forum at the Open Russian Film Festival in Sochi - which means I am flying out to Russia on Monday! Emily at the UK Film Council suggested I apply with our Murmansk project as within the forum they will introduce us to Russian financiers and film industry and explain procedures and how to apply for local funding etc.... The one caveat seems to be that I get my visa sorted this afternoon which has proven to be trickier than you'd think (seeing as I've been invited by the Russian Foreign Ministry & all). But of course 'easy' is a dirty word in the world of production, so I am unphased and excited regardless.

Cannes 2009


My first film Cannes was really great. The weather was hot pretty much all the time, the flat we were staying in had a pool (though it was out of order - hors d'usage or whetever the sign said) and it was near enough the city centre that we could walk everywhere. 6 of us shared the 3 bedrooms & living room sofabed and the sharing worked really well. I would definitely hope to get something similar next year. Well done Dawn Sharpless!

Our first night we all went out to dinner at a lovely seafood restaurant and sat next to Francis Ford Coppola.

I am sad that I hardly took any pictures. Particularly at the Nowhere Boy party, which must have been the party highlight of the week, with dancing all night and celebs to keep the paps busy flashing all night (Paris, Peaches, Ryan Phillippe etc...). In fact Kirstin Scott Thomas danced all night too. When the party was over, we thanked the DJ and he told us to follow him to his next gig. So we did, avoiding the sea of paparazzis that swallowed poor Paris up in the middle of the Croisette, and followed him through the narrow streets and into the next venue.



The club was great, but when the show changed over and men dressed as lampshades started filling the stage and the music changed we got a bit suspicious. Sure enough a foxy lady sat on stage knitting while a man cat pulled at her yarn until her jumper unravelled and two red heart-shaped nipple coverettes were all that was left. We thought maybe it was time to wander home!

Overall the festival was a busy time and a great opportunity to meet non-London based people you don't get to see often, Russian & Australian producers, people from the UK Film Council in short sleeves and pretty dresses, people you forgot you knew and obviously a lot of interesting people you would never otherwise get to meet.

Of course a lot of rose wine was consummed and in fact one of my more pleasurable afternoons was spent drinking too many bottles to mention in the lovely presence of Sarada McDermott from Liverpool and Rob How from London.

Al Morrow was invited to a Slumdog Millionaire party by a crazy man who lived in a millionaire's mansion. Of course we never went.


Helen Grace was busy with her horror film Colin which was made for £45 and became a great Cannes success story saleswise. Although I haven't heard the whole story yet, so I hope it remains a great success story.

Of course there's much more, but it's probably unwise to go on as it makes it sound like it was all too much fun.