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Red State Premier


What a busy day today kicking off with Producer's lunch and speakers, then off to Universal party, Skywalker party, Red State screening, Britdoc party.... Met so many cool people today.

Ohna at Producers Talk Jay & Lars @ Producers Talk

Tonight's screening of red State was quite an event! Queues were unbelievable (but then again everything at Sundance seems to have great big long cattle queues). Kevin Smith created quite a stir, offending studios, sales & distributors but going out there to get his film to screens & audiences himself. He said "How can you do all this work, make this film & get it to Sundance for $4,000,000 & then justify selling it to someone who will then spend $20,000,000 just to get it out to the audiences". Good luck Kevin, go for it!

Queue to Red State Kevin Smith

Nice to end the evening in the bitter cold (must be at least -10 tonight!!) outside the Yarrow chatting to the press about all the screenings (including Jenni Miller a fellow Sarah Lawrence graduate!)

I look like someone has punched me in the eye! (I blame Tyrannosaur I cried so much I got an eye infection!!)

Baby premier

with Laura, Daniel & Arta at the premier of Baby at Sundance 2011. But for more blurb from Sundance reporter see here!

Sundance 2011 pictures


Here we all are!
Laura outside the condo The Moose Behind The Scenes Behind The Scenes Karem Kamel