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Norikazu225.jpgThis has been a busy year so much so it's quite frightening seeing that Christmas and the next year are only around the corner! Summer feels like it was only a couple of weeks ago (the weather does have something to answer for on that one) and instead of lazing about the pool I was prepping a little Cadburys commercial. Then came the Tottenham riots revisted and we were watching London up in flames on our little Lacanau TV set. We had to move the shoot when it became dangerous scouting the city at night and one of our location finders was mugged by 8 youths with baseball bats! Thankfully he wasn't hurt. Anyway fast forward to Friday and we were finally delivering the finished job. Anyway here's a link. And actually here it is in the context of the keepteamgbpumped.com campaign

The commercial was shot through Independent and the directors were called Jonnie and Trevor. What a lovely pair of directors to work with! Trevor had to rush home to be with his pregnant wife who in fact gave birth to a little baby boy on the 27th of September - so we were all glad he didn't stick around!

They came to London at the beginning of August and were surprised by our eclectic weather. It very soon became a matter of urgency to get them to the shops to stock up on appropriate London weather gear after which everything ran smoothly. Jonnie & Trevor

You have to watch Jonnie's humping movie for MTV called "My Humps". Not sure if it was on the back of that he was approached to do a Cadburys commercial. Maybe this lovely film of Trevor's helped too?

All night prep and night shooting again, which does of course solve problems like traffic and parking, but doesn't half make loos an unwelcome preoccupation.

Long Distance Information Premiere


Ohna in front of LDI Poster So that's it! Last night was the London Calling screening in NFT1 and the last as part of the London Film Festival. Both short film programmes were really good and last night I particularly enjoyed Walk Tall by animator Kate Sullivan. It was a really fresh little film with beautiful illustrations and a most charismatic ex Olympic OAP, a really lovely film. Our film was also really well received and it was great to be immersed in the positive crowd reactions.

The School Of Life screenings were equally enjoyable Doug, Simon & Terry and Douglas got to meet Terry Gilliam who also had a short in the programme. There was also a beautiful little film in the group called Bird by Jane Shearer & Steve Ayson of New Zealand. I hope it does well on the festival circuit & I look forward to catching all the shorts I missed at LFF at Encounters next month.

Ohna surrounded by RubbishWhat is it with all these night shoots? Hmm glamourous? I hope I don't become an expert in them because they are ever so exhausting - not so much the shooting but especially the prep. Having to scout through the night and do all the prep (casting etc) throughout the day. When I came back from Argentina, I slept for 3 days. And here also is an article I found in Televisual. Let there be Light.jpeg

I realise I never posted the Philips ad which went on air in July I think. This version with Director music - much nicer than aired version.

It looks like I haven't posted any pictures from the shoot either, so here are a couple. Director Philippe André in Buenos Aires at night (just before the downpour!) and the dream team Jan (Production Designer), Franz (DOP), Philippe (Director) & Steve (1st AD) on a bright sunny start to the last shoot day (again ending in a downpour!).

PhilippeHeart500.jpg Philips dream team