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Sundance 2012


LDI Premiere Yesterday we celebrated the premiere of Long Distance Information at Sundance 2012. The screening went amazingly well, a packed out cinema and receptive audience who laughed emphatically at all the right places and applauded loudly when it was over. Doug was so nervous he had to stand outside by the doors listening in. I think next time he will feel braver. He is also keen to see the feature film we are accompanying which is called TEDDY BEAR, directed by Danish director Mads Matthieson as beth and I watched it yesterday and it is an absolute gem. Many will know Mad's short film DENNIS which I believe also screened at Sundance a couple of years ago. TEDDY BEAR is the longer story of the same body-builder character, whose strange relationship with his oppressive mother has made him confused emotionally and unable to find a life partner to love (or even just to have sex with!). Teddy HugBeth and I just had to pose with him as he was beaming from ear to ear, so proud and happy to be here!

The first film I saw here was a documentary called ETHEL, an HBO documentary by Rory Kennedy - the youngest (11th!!) daughter of Bobby & Ethel Kennedy about her mother. What a brilliant film, and I was stirred by the audience reaction which was so emotional it caught me by surprise. I guess the Kennedy's have a very special place in the American collective spirit anyway, but I think this portrait showed such a very special woman ETHELand how she forged a most amazingly loving and close-knit family, and the most enviable marital relationship you can imagine (especially when you consider all the circumstances) that the audience were blown away and gave the director a standing ovation at the end. The Q&A session at the end was peppered with emotional questioners who made clear the respect they had for the filmmaker and her film's subjects. Also super instructive as I realised I hardly knew about any of this! Not to be missed once it's in the UK!

Since we've been here, we've been pretty darn busy & it's been really great. We've made quite a few teams of the films that are in competition here from around the world. We will be seeing L tonight. More news later!