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Doug's travel adventures


I was over the moon when we discovered we had got Long Distance Information into Molodist film festival in Kiev. Having just come back from shooting Toxic Camera there, I had very much fallen in love with the place. I asked the British Council if they could cover the costs of getting Douglas over there for 3 or 4 days and they agreed to it very quickly. In fact I was really impressed how quickly they turned our application around as Molodist had not given us a lot of notice. Unfortunately it meant Doug really struggled to find any flights left that were within the BC £300 budget. Just before Douglas gave up and declined the festival's offer of hotel rooms and BC's offer of flight money, the festival found a budget airline their end that Doug could afford. So off he went. He checked in at Luton airport but on trying to get through security, found out they would not let him through with his 2 pieces of hand luggage. They made him empty his bag, wear everything he couldn't fit into one bag and throw the second bag away. Doug went through security with his second pair of shoes worn as gloves on his hands! On arrival at Kiev he was met at the airport and taken to his hotel, where he had to pay for his first night's accomodation, as the only available flight arrived a day before the festival's allocated budget for him. To his utter dismay, he discovered that he was sharing his room with someone else. To be continued....

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