December 2012 Archives

Cadi-Catlow225.jpg The first of the Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series shorts starts filming this week. It is called CRAB and is being made by Cadi Catlow's animation team at Rubber Rocket up in Glasgow. Here is a page from their storyboard which gives a little idea what they're doing ... although what they're really doing is frame by frame animation with models and puppets.... Exciting.

Paddy Power Bingo


I just found this link which shows one of the Paddy Power Bingo ads I Produced earlier in the year with The Sniper Twins at Independent and Crispin Porter. Both actors were really great to work with.


Doug was touched when the festcourt of Villeurbanne in Lyon announced Long Distance Information was the winner of the grand prix which comes with a juicy cash prize!


He was up against some really strong competition, so congratulations to Doug and the team!