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And finally... The last of the five Bombay Sapphire shorts starts filming tonight at the York Hall swimming pool in Bethnal Green. This is winner Paul Frankl's story Water Song about a young deaf and dumb girl Aika, who is a competitive swimmer so desperate to win the race that she is willing to compromise herself in doing so. WS-Storyboard500.jpg

The film is being directed by Henry Mason and will be shot over 2 nights at the swimming pool and a day in the Basildon tank.


Bombay Sapphire - The Mrs in LA


So we've now shot the 4th film of the series & are leaving LA this evening.
Hostage500.jpg Matt-on-set500.jpg
The Mrs is an off-beat comedy about a man waking up to discover his wife has a rather big surprise in store for him. This is winner Shekhar Bassi's story and Matt Smukler directed the film in a very quirky house in the LA suburbs (a character in itself). The cast were great and Shekhar was very pleased with the results. He even had a cameo role as a policeman!
Shekhar-in-tent500.jpg Shekhar-Police500.jpg

I think we're all pleased to be heading back to London now. We start shooting Water Song almost as soon as we get back... The last of the series!

It's the end of January, so I guess we shouldn't have been surprised by all the rain, but today - now that we're leaving - there is glorious sunshine here in LA (there are people in swimming costumes lounging by the pool!) & it must be about 20 degrees!

Alexis_B_photo225.jpg Locations.png
This week Ohna sets off to Barcelona to join Alexis Barroso Gascó, Director Daniel Benmayor and the team at RCR Productions where "Concrete", the third of the Bombay Sapphire shorts is about to start shooting. We have attached a fantastic cast, both Santi Millán and Rosario Pardo have come on board generously to portray the scientist and the cleaning lady in this Spanish comedy set in an office building in the middle of the night.

Bombay Sapphire - Room 8 in Krakow


super_wide_alvenia700.jpg This week James W Griffiths and Sophie Venner have set off to Krakow in Poland where they are building the set for "Room 8", the second Bombay Sapphire short film to start shooting. It is truly winter over there with serious snow and temperatures below zero. The Alvenia studio where they are based is extraordinary. They look like they are on Star Wars! The actors Tom Cullen from last year's roaringly successful "Weekend:http://www.weekend-film.com/home/" and Michael Gould will make their way over on Tuesday and the shooting starts on Wednesday. The story is set in an Eastern European prison where nothing is quite as it seems. A cleverly crafted conceptual drama thriller from James, this is bound to surprise us all.