April 2013 Archives

Friday was the culminating event to showcase the 5 Bombay Sapphire films. The winners were flown to Manhattan and housed at The Standard Hotel, now most recognizable for its starring role in Steve McQueen's "Shame". The films can all be seen on the imagination series youtube channel, along with making ofs, trailers and behind the scenes films.


It was also the occasion for Geoffrey Fletcher and Adrien Brody to present next year's dialogue script for the launch of the new round of Bombay Sapphire's Shorts Imagination Series. This time the additional lure of a big star featuring in one of the films...

Gaelle in Brittany



Thank God for skype! Robin in Berlin, Zorana in south London.... Production continues full throttle despite Gaelle being in Brittany too. She is having to focus on her feature script this week. She is in a lab with very little phone or internet access, which is the organisers' clever way to get the writer directors off their trusty iphones and immersed in each others stories. It sounds fabulous!