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On this sunny bank holiday, I have left Gaëlle editing at Trim on her birthday with Paul Hardcastle. We're only just barely back from Cannes, but clearly Paul and his team have been busy as there is lots to see. The film is looking great already, but obviously lots to do still and Gaëlle is trying to grab every second of time we can get with Paul before he heads off to Berlin...
Paul_editing700.jpg Gaelle_editing400.jpg

She has promised she will stop in time to share a bit of champagne with friends this evening... Happy Birthday Gaëlle!

We wrapped on Friday night, spent Saturday returning props, mini-buses and reinstating locations and on Sunday morning first thing we hopped on a plane and here we are in Cannes!

Tired but enjoying the sunshine and the sea. Lots of meetings with Nathalie Algazi and Jakob Beckman on Gaëlle's Torino AdaptLab feature project.

First person we bumped into was the fabulous Robbie Ryan who is here with his dad with a feature he lit called Last Day On Mars. Also bumped into Mark Kozlowski who was working with us on Crocodile - Best DIT in town, looking far more relaxed in Cannes doing meetings to make his own film!

Get in touch if you are here we'd love to join you for a glass of rosé!


So far we have managed to see 2 films, For Those In Peril by Paul Wright and Baz Luhrmann's Great Gatsby (but we watched it in French!!). We also managed a red carpet evening courtesy of Nathalie and Marie who got us tickets for Only God Forgives, Nicholas Winding Refn's new film with Ryan Gosling & Kristin Scott Thomas. Very stylish and beautiful but pretty boring really, shame.

It's a Wrap


We finished our Crocodile shoot on Friday. Six very action packed days shooting around London & Kent locations. I will post more news and pictures soon, but we received a lovely message from our lead actor Michael Gould: "I can now say that I have eaten flip flops, swum with crocodiles and I can survive extremely cold water (just) but more than that ... I am looking forward to doing it again as soon as I can."




David Ungaro
and Gaelle plot the final scene....


One week before shoot


Today is officially one week before we start shooting Crocodile.

Next week is a short week and we will be throwing ourselves into picking up all the loose ends - including finding our actress for the role of ANGELA, and an entrance to a zoo. On the art department front, Drika Raposo Mattos (our dedicated art researcher, prop finder and set dresser), Gaelle and I have been over the moon about Production Designer Carly Reddin, coming on board. She just finished designing other BFI short The Line. Carly and Drika have been doing an amazing job pulling everything together - Including these amazing flip flops, which - believe it or not - you can eat!!


Production has been intense and Caterina and I were sad to say good bye to Samantha Waite on Friday who has been absolutely amazing but has to start a new job on Eastenders next week, but I am excited to see Sophie Venner on Tuesday who will be back from San Francisco and I'm sure she'll be delighted to see we are joining forces with Michael Gould once again who co-starred in Room 8 with Tom Cullen - which we just finished and delivered a few weeks ago. Not to mention the rest of the impressive cast we have attached so far...


...and great locations thanks to the indefatigable Angus Light and Guy Darby.

Crocodile-Montage700.jpg Location-Montage700.jpg

David Ungaro, super talented DOP, will be coming in from Paris on Tuesday evening and then our team will be more or less complete... Paul Hardcastle is on board as our editor.

We are excited to be so close to shooting and fingers crossed it all goes well.