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... and in fact all three films I had booked to see on Thursday evening as I was happily deflected by the lovely Grant Keir who I discover is now based up in Edinburgh, and who invited me to a boat party instead where Andy Jones and Ashley Horner were celebrating the opening of their new Newcastle based production company called Radio Film, Outsider Art and Maverick International Documentary. There I met Line Halvorsen, a fascinating Norwegian impact producer who, seven years ago, decided to declutter quite radically and get rid of all her belongings and since lives all over the world, house-sitting, cat-sitting, with the sum total of what she can fit into one suitcase. Then Alex Boden from Pistachio Pictures came with a load of beers, and an actor friend (of which there are few at Sheffield Film Festival) who was filming a feature nearby came and we all went out for Vietnamese dinner.

It was also lovely to find Jip Burgess behind the Box Office desk looking very dapper and suited.
Jip500.jpg Pussy_Riot500.jpg
Last seen on his way to Cuba to help out on Lucy's Una Noche or in fact I tell a lie as he also worked on Baby which we shot after. But also we were all briefly reunited with the fabulously talented Ariadna Fatjo-Vilas-Mestre, (also last seen in Cuba whilst editing Una Noche! Small world) and who has more recently been involved in editing all our behind the scenes of Bombay Sapphire shorts films. She has two films at Sheffield that she has edited, The Act of Killing and Melaku Belay. We were just discussing how sad it was we hadn't seen the film yet (Una Noche that is), but I have just found out it will be on at The Barbican 3rd July as part of the East End Film Festival! Can't wait to see it.

I was sad to miss The Pussy Riot film (which was completely sold out) and many more... But hope to catch many of them in the cinemas or other festivals over the rest of the year.

Sheffield Film Festival


My first time at SIFF and so far it's been great - except for today's tropical downpour.

It was quieter on Tuesday for the Crossover Market but now that the Meet Market has kicked in in earnest, Sheffield is full of people strolling around with pink lanyards. The festival opened with a fantastic screening of The Big Melt which is a documentary made up of BFI archive material: a documentary by Martin Wallace, it splices archive footage of the city and its steelworkers to a live soundtrack by Jarvis Cocker and other Sheffield musical alumni, including the City of Sheffield Brass Band, Richard Hawley and members of his band, some of Cocker's Pulp colleagues, the Forgemasters, a string quartet and a youth choir.

But meanwhile it's all about meetings and pitches... But later tonight I might get to see Werner Herzog eating his shoe.


Room 8 is at number 1 on the Beak Street Bugle!