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Jerusalem Lab


I was so excited to hear that Gaëlle has got through to the first round of the Jerusalem Film Lab! I know there are more hurdles for her to go through - like coming up with a first draft screenplay by the 6th of August!!!! But exciting all the same! Congratulations to Nathalie, Gaëlle and Jakob.


Still editing Crocodile


After a nice little break, next week Paul will be back from New York for a couple of days, so we'll be back in the edit suite. It feels like the edits on short films are particularly intense. We have spent day and night at Trim for weeks. So far we've celebrated both our birthdays there, shared breakfasts, lunches and dinners, childcare, meetings and lots and lots of homework. It has in fact become our home from home.

Now we have our BFI notes and we're set to go back in.


Una Noche


I forgot to mention that I did indeed go to the Una Noche screening at The Barbican last week. It was a very moving experience going to see the film and listening to Lucy's Q&A afterwards. It brought back the whole experience of the prep and the trip to Cuba, that intense energy that is so singular to the Mulloys. I was surprised to re-discover my little cameo in the film! I was a 'tourist' walking down the street, as 'policeman' Daniel beats up 'unsuspecting man' in a back alleyway. I remember us getting in trouble from the real police when they saw Daniel in his uniform which wasn't a perfect fit (trousers way too short etc). They were not happy if Lucy was going to make the police look ridiculous in her film!

The film is beautiful and touching. Lucy drew out amazing performances from her three leads. As I watched Lila it's hard not think of her as a young Lucy. It's probably true to say that many personal elements in the film are what make so much of the film ring true.

It was also emotional seeing Lucy's proud parents and talking to Lucy & Daniel's mum (talented filmmaker Vera Neubauer). I hope they will all have a similar event to celebrate with Daniel's first feature too sometime soon.

Una_Noche2500.jpg Una_Noche1500.jpg

Dabbous Taster Menu


Last September we thought we'd try out that new local restaurant, Dabbous. We didn't book as it was still pretty new and we hadn't been that organised. The friendly person who greeted us shrugged and smiled explaining that people have to book months in advance in order to get a table. So we thought "ok", let's put our names down for a table 10 months away and calculated that we could book a table for 4 for Rebecca's birthday on the 11th July. It seemed mad, but actually, that 10 months came round really quickly and there we were, last night, celebrating Rebecca's birthday with champagne cocktails at the bar downstairs knowing we a table safely booked and waiting for us upstairs. We went for the epic Dabbous taster menu and also opted to follow suit with the wines. The sommelier chose a different half glass of wine for us with every dish. What followed was quite amazing and spectacular. First up was the minty peas. A work of art which maybe remained my favourite! I can't remember what all the wines were. I know we started with a Picpoul du Pinet, but I'm a bit foggy after that and noticed by the time the cheese and dessert came, the glasses were stockpiling a bit and I'm not sure I was drinking the right wine with the right dish. Oops. We ended with a cream custard pie (or tart I can't remember what he called it) and that was really amazing too.

I tried to get a picture of everything but missed a few of the items.


Well we all agreed that it was worth the 10 month wait! We'll probably have to wait another 10 months before we can afford to go out for dinner again so I won't recommend this to anyone on a tight budget!