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Shots Awards 2013 Winners Announced


We have two wins to celebrate after this year's Shots Awards 2013 took place last night (Thursday 28 November). It's one of Advertising's Biggest Nights celebrating achievements in media & advertising at a house packed full of creatives, directors, producers, editors...

First up was Room 8 which led to wins by MPC London who triumphed in a very strong field Post Production House of the Year with an extremely strong body of work. And then Gravity Road and Independent Films picked up the award for Branded Short Film of the Year for the excellent, mind-bending Bombay Sapphire film, directed by James W Griffiths (who has since been signed by Independent). Beyond those who picked up the award, there are lots of people to thank for the success of the film, most notably Sophie Venner who came on board to produce it and Adrian Marler who worked with James on the concepts and how to shoot it, Peter Francis who designed the sets, Magni Agustsson who lit it, Lennert Busch who composed the music, Kasia Lesniak's team out in Poland who worked on it despite the tiny budget, and of course Tom Cullen and Michael Gould who starred in it!

Room-8's-win500.jpg Paul's-win500.jpg

2013's Editor of the Year was won by 2011 shots Award-winner and super talented editor of Crocodile Paul Hardcastle of Trim Editing who was there last night until the early hours this morning and so is feeling a bit rough today. He might not be as much fun as he might otherwise be at Trim's Christmas lunch today.

I am sure everyone had a great night of it. I hope Sophie hasn't lost her mobile, and I guess it's Friday today, so how ambitious does everyone need to be. Well done everyone!

PaulHardcastleEditingCrocod.jpg 700Room8.jpg

Gaëlle at Torino Lab



Once again we find ourselves skype crazy. Between Paul's trips to New York & LA, Gaëlle's trips to Brittany and Torino, I'm not sure how people managed before Skype!

We have another productive week of editing Crocodile up ahead and hope to get to a definitive version before sending back in to the BFI for approvals.... Maybe this side of Christmas. This is sure to jinx us, but here's hoping.

Toxic Camera at Tate Britain


As part of the Tate Britain's Assembly A Survey of Recent Artists' Film and Video in Britain: Toxic Camera will be playing with two other films on Sunday 2nd March 2014 from 12pm until 6pm at Tate Britain.

These cinematic documents re-assert the fragility of humanity at the heart of technology's broken promises.

The films are:
All Watched Over By Machines of Loving Grace
Adam Curtis, 2011, video, 180 min

The Toxic Camera
Jane and Louise Wilson, 2012, HD video, 21 min

The Radiant
The Otolith Group, 2012, HD video, 64 min

This programme is paired with Assembly: Questions of Progress II on Monday 3 March 2014


The Cross Channel Film Lab (CCFL) today announces its selection of four low- to medium-budget feature film projects, all using visual effects and/or stereo 3D in brave, original and imaginative ways, to participate in the Lab's year-long workshop programme in 2014.

The four projects selected to participate in 2014 are:

Dome (France - VFX) writer-director Luis Briceno, producer Jérémy Rochigneux
La Fille de l'Estuaire (UK - Stereo 3D) writer-director Gaëlle Denis, producer Ohna Falby
The Incredible Voyage of Dullwich-on-Sea (UK - VFX) director Jamie Stone, writer Joe Barton, producer Sophie Vickers
Tro Fanch (France - Stereo 3D) writer-director Gill Taws


The Beast In The Jungle - Pilot


I have been working with Simon Field and Keith Griffith of Illuminations Films and Hans De Wolf at Keyfilm (NL) prepping and shooting a pilot film for their up coming feature film adaptation of Henry James's 1903 novella The Beast In The Jungle which they have in development with the BFI and the Netherlands film fund.


Clara Van Gool is directing the project which she has been writing with poet Glyn Maxwell and designing with choreographer Kim Brandstrup. She brought over her DOP and regular collaborater from NL, Nils Post, but otherwise has been working with the UK team over here. Clara's films are all beautiful visual stories expressed through dance, mise en scène and montage and create a bridge between art and feature films. This will be her first narrative drama and she will use all these methods to tell John Marcher's unusual story. Shooting the pilot has given her lots to think about and will really help others to understand how these elements will be brought together to create a compelling film. The film contained scenes from the 40s and the 60s which were brought to life with Crocodile's Holly Fowles-Pazdro's hair and make-up skills and Bernadette Corsten's for Camilla Rutherford's costumes (starring as May Bartram) and Sinead O'Sullivan's costumes for Joseph Millson (who played John Marcher).

The rehearsals and shoot were a real collaboration between Clara and Kim and were shot in the drizzly but romantic backdrop of Hampstead Heath's pergola for the 40s scenes and the Southbanks's Queen Elizabeth Hall for the 60s scenes.

As well as research for the performances, dialogues and movement, we were able to spend a couple of days recceing the wide-ranging locations that will be needed for the feature when it is fully funded.

We were a very small crew. I thank them all for their excellent hard work including Jack Boniface who is a true gem and a great find and who helped Nils achieve the impossible!!