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Bad Education - The movie


I had a fun little interlude before Cannes working on the pick up shots for Bad Education - The Movie. Which involved finding locations in Amsterdam and shooting Jack Whitehall cycling with a stolen Anne Frank ET revival doll and swooping up a ramp and falling into the canal. Fun!

I stepped in for my producer friend Sarada and it was great working at Tiger Aspect again - first time for years and years. It was pretty intense getting it all together and I was really grateful for the most amazing Rachel Alabaster who stepped in to help even though she was meant to be leaving, and Agustina González who also stepped in at short notice to help out. It was really lovely teaming up with Joe Carter again (as 1st AD) who I hadn't seen for ages, and working in Amsterdam, what an amazing place. And lovely to meet director producer team Elliott Hegarty and Pippa Brown.

Bad Education.png

Nisi Masa 2015


And of course the year would barely count if it didn't start with Nisi Masa!! Another year curated and run by Wim Wanaker, Jerome Nunes and Aleksandra Zakharchenko and supported by its committed tutors.


Every year I meet exciting new talent from all around Europe at the pitch weekend and I track at least one or two throughout the year and beyond (Una Gunjak, Vilja Autiokyro, Geoff Bellhouse, Daan Bunnik, Carla Pipo and many more). And this year is no different. I met two unique filmmakers there this year: Gorana Jovanovic and Kyla Bruce. Gorana had a project with singing Lenin statues and Kyla a girls' road trip. I will definitely stay in touch with them.


There was several really interesting filmmakers, Grant Gulczynski - an intriguing UK director finishing filmschool in Sarajevo under the mentorship of Béla Tarr!! And of course fellow producers Emily Morgan, Gavin Humphreys, Emily Lighthouse and from Paris Marie Sonne Jensen, Italy Franco Dipietro, from Croatia man of the moment Sinisa Juricic, Belgium Ben Bekke Fromdevallej..


Le Train de Michel


Exciting times prepping, planning, editing... Preparing for the launch of Le Train de Michel and the inspiring life of Michel Hollard - by Jed Falby....



La Fille de L'Estuaire - Paris


Gaëlle, Jonas and Una

After Cinemart, we make a trip to Paris to meet more properly with French producers. Jonas and Una are in Cinefondations working towards their first and second features after the NEXT STEP programme with Semaine de la Critique team. They are both loving it and want to move to Paris. Jonas's feature Mediterranea will premiere at Semaine de la Critique in May - excitement - after his short was there last year with Crocodile and Una's The Chicken.

Nazi propaganda


Le train de Michel

MAIS NON! no no it's Jed's book!! Finally after 10 years writing and drawing, grandad Jed has published a graphic novel. It's already got rave reviews and he's been doing talks with Paul Gravett of Comicon at the Budleigh literary festival. It's available to buy at amazon. How fantastic and now he's already working on the next one. Let's hope the next one doesn't take another 10 years!

Out of a clear blue sky the telephone rang:
"Hi Jed, This is Paddy Ashdown . . . "
He called me just to tell me how much he
admired the book and could well imagine
the work that went into it.
If he could do anything to help - just let him know.
I was so struck by his call out of the blue that I forgot
to ask him for his phone number!
I had met him at last years Lit. Fest. where he was
promoting his book "A Cruel Victory" also about
the French Resistance. I didn't expect him to remember
that with the many people he must meet all over.

Crocodile Stuff and festivals


Festival mish-mash

Crocodile continued to have a great year and Gaëlle and I did a bit more travelling to places like Clermont Ferrand, where we had a great time with Laurent Crouzeix and fellow filmmakers, Philip Ilson, Simon Young and Chris, the Encounters team and the guys from Nisi Masa... It's always amazing having a film there - seeing real audiences queue to see the films and listen to them argue and debate about the films afterwards. There was a man in the queue who was so excited to discover the team behind Crocodile and he was able to ask Gaëlle so many questions that were puzzling him. And of course lots more.. Girls on Film in Shoreditch (another one of Philip's Q&A led screenings), we were in Paris when we got the amazing news Crocodile won best short award at the uber-cool Cellu l'art film festival in Germany - what a shame Gaëlle couldn't make it over there! We were thrilled the film got into Minimalen in Norway, Ankara, Hoboken, Palm Springs along with Paul's Roxanne - again gutted not to be able to go... And we finally got to showcase the film in amongst its brother and sister BFI shorts at the ICA.

Girls On Film BFI Showcase