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Pantene Commercial


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Coming out of summer, a great little job came to us from New York via a FB recommendation from fabulous DoP Brad Rushing who I worked with on commercials with Joseph Kahn back in the day. Amazing how these things can work!

Dana Offenbach from CinemaStreet Pictures got in touch and after some pitching and budgeting and all the usual, we got Shakyra Dowling ( from Mercury) to start searching hard and fast for the cast - she did an amazing job.

We had a great time producing the 4 commercials for Tracy Brosnan creative director at DeVries and a great opportunity to reconnect with Sonja Phillips who I got on board to direct them. We had a fantastic crew: Susanne Salavati on camera, Ray Moody on 2nd unit, John Thorpe (from Mercury) on sound, Louis Caseley and Alice-Mae Mayall on art department, Holly Fowles-Pazdro (from Crocodile) on hair and make-up - which was a great opportunity for Kiloh to gain more make-up assisting experience #MUA.

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LV= Commercial Spain Shoot


I've been shooting an LV= commercial with Eli Sverdlov at Dirty and with Designate agency in Brighton. It's been great shooting in Spain again. Fabulous crews, weather and locations in Valencia and Barcelona.

Valencia La Ciencias

It was also wonderful meeting fabulous Manu Kadosh and Yaakov Turjeman (Turji) DOP and Production Designer from Israel.

I was bit trepidatious about Nexus moving to Old Street and into an even bigger building than before and Gaëlle having to share a new office with other animation directors. Mainly because our wall of La Fille De L'Estuaire has been the back-drop for so much of our work!! I was sad to say good bye.

Nexus office move.png

Along with changing offices we have changed co-writers! Now we are working with Amber Trentham.

Roxanne | Absolut launch


End of June also saw the big launch event for Paul Frankl's Roxanne. Absolut shared the launch of their new Pride bottle with us, throwing a big cocktail party screening and interviews run by Little White lies' at the Edition Hotel Berners street, then on to Grouchos for celebrations.

Absolut Pride Bottle launch

There was a great turn out and interviews with Paul, Miss Cairo and Akua, who all gave great interviews. There were many questions, and great to see how many burning issues the film raises - not just issues of transgender and prostitution, but about Soho, community, rights, freedom of speech and the state of the film industry. Hard to photograph because of all the pink lighting!

Roxanne launch
Roxanne has gone from strength to strength and it is now getting hard to keep up with both its festival circuit and the prizes it has been winning. I went to my Maia workshop in Bologna or Roma and a Serbian-Welsh producer told me she had seen my seen my name come up in an award recently - and she was refering to Roxanne winning the Iris Prize for Best British Short.

Roxanne poster

Norwegian BIOLA yogurt


cubes800.jpg Biola250.jpg

This summer Gaëlle was busy shooting a commercial for Norwegian BIOLA yogurt through Nexus and she was able to pull in some of the fabulous Crocodile team Carly Reddin on production design, Angus Light on locations.

Apoa was also back with the team making pretty leaves and painting blocks.

Gaëlle also had the opportunity to work with Daniel Landin on camera who shot Jonathan Glazer's Under The Skin. The commercial was a combination of live action and animation and will be available to view on the Nexus website soon.

Gaelle-Carly800.jpg Gaelle-Dan-Landin800.jpg

Bombay Sapphire goes viral


BOMBAY SAPPHIRE and Independent have created 5 new short films.

Check the process involved in selecting the winners here and check the 5 winning films out too - this - will help explain the premise.

Exit Log was written by Chris Cornwell from the UK (via Bangkok & Boston), directed by Gary Freedman (aka The Glue Society) out of Independent London and features two women lost in a space Groundhog day.

Reflections was written by Anthony Khaseria from the UK and is the short film produced by Sophie Venner directed by indy8 Director Adam Randall and is already Vimeo Staff Pick of the week! This short features a couple out on a date lost in a mirror Groundhog day.

Graffiti Area was written by Maite Fernandez Perez from Valencia, Spain, was directed by Hamburg-based weareflink and shot in LA I think. Two graffiti punks chased by their graffiti.

Need for Speed Dating was written by Allyson Morgan from New York, USA. The film was directed by Mary Nighy and is a sweet short about a young woman struggling to find love at a speed dating bar.

Other Side of The Game was written by Kiara Jones from the USA and directed by Independent's Zoe Cassavettes.

BAFTA Winners with Room 8


Amazing news tonight at the BAFTAs!

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