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Jane and Louise WIlson

What's up? Cannes is over, pitching done, and exciting to hear LTLF's Baby Star project with Rachel Maclean get a mention at the Scotland Party. Lots of projects to pitch with amazing TALENT. Please get in touch.

We are excited to be working with Jane and Louise Wilson again on a two screened exhibition commissioned by the BALTIC in Newcastle as part of #GEON the Great Exhibition of the North. They're recently back from a residency in Korea and most recently become Royal Academicians! Exciting times. Suspended Island is delivering soon and scheduled to open on 22 June.

We have finished and delivered Kyla Simone Bruce's short MERCURY with our great crew and our fabulous actresses Isabella Laughland (Urban Hymns and Harry Potter) and Harriet Cains (In the Flesh and Marcella) did us proud.

Festival submissions can now commence, so watch this space... FOLLOW us on instagram.

Mercury Still 800

Still from Mercury: A short film by Kyla Simone Bruce and Gorana Jovanović

And seeking a writer to come on board...

We are working with Rachel Tillotson on a darkly satyrical "Fleabag meets Twin Peaks" dark comedy feature about murdered women desperate to be found so they can move on to the better place. They lie in ditches, on wastelands and in cellars 'waiting' to be found. Invisible to the living, they 'rise' from their murder locations and, bored, they hang out with one another, while the bungling police take their time... And despite being a very busy lady with her Prevenge sequel Timestalker, we are excited that Alice Lowe has got behind the project as well.

And otherwise...

For any further enquiries please get in touch via email ohnafalby@gmail.com

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