Looking Back at summer turning to autumn


Now it's November, it means preparing for Christmas but also involves looking back at summer and thinking was that really already so long ago? We spent our family holiday in the Luberon which is always wonderful, but I was just remembering the fantastic day out heading down to Sivergues,

Fort Buoux Castelas with Goat Castelas Meat Served

walking up to the amazing fort in Buoux and lunching at the incredible Castelas where you meet your meal while it is still jumping on your table!

This year, as the cold kicked in, we had the pleasure of our hot water cylinder exploding. That has been fun. Hot Water Cylinder Not only did it mean having to take showers at our neighbour's house and family huddling around the one electric fan heater to keep warm at night, but it has also meant having to tear out all our beautifully built cupboards & rebuilding the whole damn thing again. Just what we needed before Christmas!

Our kids have always loved that Simon Pegg lives on their trick or treat route and he has always been very generous to them. The first time he opened the door to them, they squeeled in excitement. It's Shaun of the dead!!!! He didn't have any sweets, so he sent his mum out to get some & in the meantime gave them lots of coins. This year we made a Tintin pumpkin lantern in his honour!

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