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This bank holiday weekend we have been trying to finish all the sound and music for Tara-at-the-crypt700.jpg Crocodile, ready for our final mix, as well as prepare the French subtitles with Clare McAllister across the road, final post and running off the DCPs for Cannes next week.

Earlier in the week I joined Tara Creme at The Crypt in Crouch End where we recorded some of our score and today Doug confirmed he had just received Tara's re-tweaked and final tracks. We have been spending quite a bit of time at Doug Haywood's place out in Whitechapel and apparently - if we receive no other accolades on this production - we have at least been identified as the short film with the most and bestest treats throughout post production (thank you Doug, thank you Apoa, thank you Ohna) In fact Gaëlle has even blamed us for an expanding waist-line!


Personally I feel I must add to this a further accolade, which is the most intriguing and eclectic collections of cool stuff (see Doug's iron collection & Trim Editing's Nobrow prints and cool toys!). Doug has adjusted and added every squeek, growl and lizard tongue shlurpy sounds he thinks we could possibly need before our 5.1 mix - so let's go to it! If the tube strike coming to an end isn't a good omen for the week ahead, then I just don't know what is!

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