A still from Baby. Daniel Kaluuya and Arta Dobroshi

A still from Baby with Daniel Kaluuya and Arta Dobroshi. Cinematography Lol Crawley.

The catalogue of films I produced include Upside mimi ᴉɯᴉɯ uʍop by Rachel Maclean, Mercury by Kyla Simone Bruce, Suspended Island and We Put The World Before You by Jane and Louise Wilson, Voices of Finance by Clara Van Gool, Feed Me by Rachel Maclean, Me and Mine by Lucy Beech, Undead Sun by Jane and Louise Wilson, Crocodile written by Robin French and directed by Gaëlle Denis, Algo Concreto written by Alexis Barroso and directed by Daniel Benmayor, Room 8 written and directed by James W Griffiths, The Mrs written by Shekhar Bassi and directed by Matt Smukler, Crab written and directed by Cadi Catlow & Water Song written by Paul Frankl and directed by Henry Mason, Toxic Camera from Jane & Louise Wilson, Long Distance Information from Douglas Hart, from Daniel Mulloy: Sister, Dad, Son and Baby & from Sonja Phillips The Pond. I am working on a slate of new projects, features and shorts and you can find some information on those on this site.

Suspended Island (2018)

Play Suspended Island

Uncover a lost urban geography as Jane and Louise Wilson's video installation questions what it means to be Northern, British and living on an island in the current political flux of Brexit. A film by Jane and Louise Wilson Running time 16:07

Mercury (2018)

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Bambi drives her very pregnant best-friend Al to hospital to have her baby. They've decided that she's not going to keep it. Al's processing this irreversible reality - it's gonna be a bumpy ride! A film by Kyla Simone Bruce Running time 14:03

Encounters nomination 2018

We Put The World Before You (2016)

Play We Put The World Before You

Part of WWI centenary. Taking its title from film pioneer Charles Urban's motto, this is a reflection on the scars and losses from the war, and an exploration of the restorative magnifying potential of science, superstition and cinema - Making the the invisible visible. A film by Jane and Louise Wilson Running time 15:00

Feed Me (2015)

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Supersaturated, candy-coloured artist film - part Disney-type fairytale, and part horror talent show offering a sharp and unique critique of contemporary culture. A film by Rachel Maclean Running time 61:00

Undead Sun (2014)

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A visually compelling reflection on camouflage and concealment during WWI. A film by Jane and Louise Wilson Running time 10:00

Crocodile (2014)

Play Crocodile

A bereaved headmaster fights a crocodile. A film by Gaëlle Denis Running time 15:00

Semaine de la critique Encounters winner 2014

Room 8 (2013)

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One of the five Bombay Sapphire shorts. A prisoner is thrown into an Eastern block cell with a peculiar cellmate and a mysterious box. A film by James W Griffiths Running time 7:20

Bafta Awards Vimeo staff pick award

Algo Contreto (2013)

Play Algo Contreto

One of the five Bombay Sapphire Imagination Series shorts. A man's lifelong dream is shattered by a nosy cleaning lady. A film by Daniel Benmayor Running time 8:00

Toxic Camera (2012)

Play Toxic Camera

Surviving camera crew go on a quest remembering the aftermath of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. A film by Jane and Louise Wilson Running time 21:00

Long Distance Info (2011)

Play Long Distance Info

Father always said don't talk to strangers but you have to phone home sometime. A film by Douglas Hart Running time 7:40

Selected Clermont-Ferant Sundance

Baby (2010)

Play Baby

A stranger follows a young woman home. A film by Daniel Mulloy Running time 25:00

British Independent Film Awards Sundance Edinburgh International Film Festival

The Pond (2008)

Play The Pond

Secrets lie dormant down deep in the pond. A film by Sonja Phillips Running time 15:00

Son (2007)

Play Son

In the confines of an underground theatre's vaults, a young boy finds himself trapped. A film by Daniel Mulloy Running time 17:30

Sapporo Edinburgh International Film Festival

Dad (2006)

Play Dad

A husband and wife remain sexually active in later life to the disgust of their son. A film by Daniel Mulloy Running time 7:00

Sapporo Sundance Nominated for Best Short, European Academy Awards

Sister (2005)

Play Sister

Richard tries hard to fit in, but one cold morning his life take a turn for the worse. A film by Daniel Mulloy Running time 12:00

Sapporo Bafta Awards

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Recent Entries

BIFA Crocodile and Baby

BIFA has had a great idea in this period of Coronavirus lockdown - they have made all the BIFA nominated and winner shorts over the past 10 years available to view for FREE. How lovely to see BABY and CROCODILE up there and among such an exciting batch of films - great to be able to watch them all.

Films in LFF2019

This year my highlight of the festival was going to NFT1 to listen to an interview with Céline Sciamma, fabulously talented French writer director of Water Lilies, Tomboy, Girlhood (writer of the animated My Life as a Courgette) and in this year’s festival - her period piece Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

First Time Directors

I have been thinking about the stigma and the draw surrounding this title. All my feature projects - and I guess my shorts too in terms of “feature status” - are pretty much with first time directors. Sometimes I long to be at the stage where I can be working with more established directors – albeit them also being the first-timers I’m working with, only them (and me) having MADE that first feature!!! –. Get me out of perpetual development please…