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Well finished is a strong word, but yesterday (Friday 25th August) we watched a completed married answer print of FINKLE'S ODYSSEY and it looks and sounds amazing.

In fact after all the ups and downs with keeping this project going, it was fitting that our much anticipated moment was stalled by a persistent little American man who stood fast in front of the viewing theatre in the name of BOND. He mistakenly thought he had booked the theatre at the same time as we had, and nothing would move him out of our way, as he had Barabara Broccoli to contend with and all the BOND posse - which was far more important in his mind than anything else in the world. So we tussled and we argued, but in the end we sat at the bar swigging champagne prematurely while the little man stood by waiting for his mob to arrive to watch his 2 minute and a half trailer.

An hour and a half later, we were finally allowed into the screening room and all the anxiety I had been feeling about our print - would it be in synch? Would the sound be distorted? Would the titles be all wrong?..... - was diffused and in fact I sat there not knowing what to feel anymore.

Thankfully our experience was the reverse of the Bond man's, whose crowd had left his 2 minute and a half screening, one hour and a half later in dismay and disgust. Instead I was relieved and chuffed to find that the film (print and all) was a marvel.

FINKLE'S ODYSSEY is the short film written & directed by Barney Clay that I have been working on since February, when Claire's little twin boys were prematurely born. I had been hearing about it and intrigued about it for ages, ever since Barney joined Exposure well over a year ago and told me the bizarre storyline that I couldn't quite picture. Its subject matter is most unusual, but it sits well in its perfectly crafted and ultimately very professional looking film.

Next step is getting it onto Digi and onto DVDs to send it out to festivals. So Finkle's Odyssey in a way is just about to begin. I can't wait to see it out there and I wish it (and Barney) oodles of well deserved success.


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