Gaëlle and I have been spending quite a bit of time in Paris lately - can't complain!


We were editing the 3D tests we shot for La Fille De L'Estuaire at Film factory in Paris with editor Julien Villacampa. Julien was really great to work with and ultimately Gaëlle and I are really pleased with the results. Guillaume Le Grontec (our DOP) and Thierry Pouffary (our co-stereographer) dropped by to watch the edits in 3D in Film Factory's very impressive projection theatre. Joséphine Derobe came too and stayed to help us make sense of some of the more baffling quirks that were taking place in the edit. We eventually worked out that the avid was not recognising the differences between the A camera and B camera when we shifted between high mode and low mode on the steadicam.To compensate, the avid would flip the shots (thinking A was B & B was A), which was very disorienting and when Julien unflipped them, the 3D effect went very wrong!


In the end Julien worked out the quickest way to resolve the problem was to flip the shots & flip the 3D glasses when watching the flipped shots! Ah technology...

We have been working with Etienne Hendrickx on the sound design and final mix out of Brest University where he is immersed in psychoacoustic studies and researches the different impacts of stereo 5.1 sound experience on 3D imagery. Our wonderful crocodile composer Tara Creme kindly donated a few tunes to help bring the films to life. We are really looking forward to seeing the tests finished and projected in a 3D screening with proper surround sound possibly featuring binaural techniques to boot.


The CCFL has been a great experience so far - I even got to be make up lady & dabble in prosthetics! Well ok some home-made blood in a yogurt pot. Ohna-Nathalie-Make-up.jpg

We're really looking forward to the next step. But first we have to go back to Paris and work on the grade. We will be at Film Factory where we will be grading with Lionel Kopp just before heading off to Cannes. That means I will be looking at a lab in Paris to make my DCPs, so lots more opportunity to eat snails and catch up with les girls.

Gaëlle and I are looking forward to it - here are Gaëlle and Joséphine sporting matching lip-sticks!


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I have been thinking about the stigma and the draw surrounding this title. All my feature projects - and I guess my shorts too in terms of “feature status” - are pretty much with first time directors. Sometimes I long to be at the stage where I can be working with more established directors – albeit them also being the first-timers I’m working with, only them (and me) having MADE that first feature!!! –. Get me out of perpetual development please…