UNDEAD SUN Premiere at Imperial War Museum

Undead Sun was finally unveiled at the iwm in London this month and will be open to the public until 11 January.

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The premiere event reunited many from the team involved in curating and making the film. It's a large-scale video installation that looks back at the impact of the First World War and considers how so many of the products of that conflict continue to shape our contemporary experience.

Inspired by archive photographs and artefacts, and by diary entries and personal testimonies, the piece reflects on the visceral, elemental forces that the war unleashed. Sequences filmed against the looming backdrop of a giant wind tunnel evoke these larger-than-life forces at work, while a series of staged cameos, interspersed throughout the footage, offers glimpses of individual, human-scale dramas.

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The Undead Sun is presented in a specially constructed architectural setting, in which the viewer's lines of sight are directed, and partially obstructed, by mirrors and veils of gauze. This is the first iteration of an unfolding project, commissioned in partnership by Film and Video Umbrella, Imperial War Museum, MIMA, Middlesbrough and Wolverhampton Art Gallery, and coinciding with the Great War Centenary.

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