Final CCFL Workshop | Falmouth

We're back from Falmouth this morning, sad to say farewell to the team (Fabienne Tsaï, Pippa Best, Mary Davies, Estelle Car, François Garnier, Joséphine Derobe, Yann Apperry, Antoine Le Bos and Rory Summerley and of course the fellow CCFL participants.


In this final leg, the CCFL team in partnership with Falmouth (& Bournemouth) University put together a series of events celebrating and investigating 3D and visual effects in film.



In a combination of presentations, talks and screenings, we were able to share the work the teams produced over the year's lab including the 3D test shoots and 3D post sessions in Paris. Stefan Drössler presented his short theory of 3D film - which was not so short! We watched new innovative and historic works championing stereoscopic 3D over the years. We shared the progress we made and the things we learnt. It was great seeing the illustration designs and animation progress on Luis Briceno's Dome project which a team of Falmouth students have been working on under Kathy Nicholl's wing. We also got to hear from Jamie Stone and his Bournemouth team working on The Incredible Voyage Of Dulwich On Sea as well as Giil Taws's progress on his stereoscopic 3D project Tro Franche.



Josephine showed us three of the Cathedrals Of Culture films which were all shot in stereoscopic 3D - all astoundingly beautiful and immersive but one in particular stood out for us which was directed by Norwegian filmmaker Margreth Olin which was set inside the Oslo Opera House and featured some amazing dance sequences.

We also had the opportunity to watch Above Us All by Eugenie Jansen, an impressively realised experimental feature using 3D imagery and constantly roving 360° pans to tell the tale of a family shattered by the death of their mother. We heard talks by Eugenie and her partner and stereographer Kommer Kleijn, who explained in great detail the thought behind the idea and how they went about the film's execution. Really fascinating process and a beautiful film.


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Recent Entries

BIFA Crocodile and Baby

BIFA has had a great idea in this period of Coronavirus lockdown - they have made all the BIFA nominated and winner shorts over the past 10 years available to view for FREE. How lovely to see BABY and CROCODILE up there and among such an exciting batch of films - great to be able to watch them all.

Films in LFF2019

This year my highlight of the festival was going to NFT1 to listen to an interview with Céline Sciamma, fabulously talented French writer director of Water Lilies, Tomboy, Girlhood (writer of the animated My Life as a Courgette) and in this year’s festival - her period piece Portrait of a Lady on Fire.

First Time Directors

I have been thinking about the stigma and the draw surrounding this title. All my feature projects - and I guess my shorts too in terms of “feature status” - are pretty much with first time directors. Sometimes I long to be at the stage where I can be working with more established directors – albeit them also being the first-timers I’m working with, only them (and me) having MADE that first feature!!! –. Get me out of perpetual development please…