Producers Network - Cannes May 2015

Thanks to Marit Van Den Elshout and Cinemart, this year I was given a Producers Network pass in Cannes. So pleased - thank you Cinemart. You have to have produced a feature in order to qualify, so grateful for the alternative opportunity.

producers network reception

In any case it meant Gaëlle and I came to Cannes again this year. It also seemed a great opportunity to re-connect with the producers, distributors etc we met at Cinemart earlier in the year, as well as a few new producers we met in Paris in March.


And of course it was generally great to hang out with friends at parties and bars and Croisette - both London based ones who you never get to see anymore coz everyone's so busy! And the ones further away cos they live up north or in different countries altogther!! Samm Haillay, Gavin Humphries, Nathalie Algazi and Marie Sonne-Jensen, Matthieu Darras, Una Gunjak, Grant Keir Ginny, lovely to meet Lauranne Bourrachot and Cassandra Sigsgaard a little better and see Anwen Griffiths again after so long, and of course many more!

It also meant we were able to reconnect with everyone at Critic's Week | Semaine de la Critique, Julie, Remi, Fabien, and of course Charles Tesson. They were super generous with us so we had tickets, and passes and were able to go to the premiere of Jonas's film Mediterranea with Una Gunjak too. It was an excellent screening and so moving to be there and see all the reactions afterwards.

Semaine best parties.png

And of course Semaine always through the best parties! So excited to have Céline Sciamma as DJ - she rocks!


It was a great experiencing Cannes having to get up early to go to breakfast meetings every day. The Croisette empty except for street cleaners and the odd strays. It was also great reconnecting with Clare Spencer was also attending Producer's Network with her Pink Floyd project - The Wall. Hadn't seen her for ages. And great hanging out with Sophie Venner who is doing brilliantly now with all her new projects. Good to hang out with James Cotton too, and meet industry experts such as Mike Goodridge from Protagonist, Tanja Meissner from Memento, Todd Brown from XYZ, Amy Dotson from IFP and many many more...

Also thanks to Gaëlle mastering the old booking system, we managed to see a fair few films too, the premiere of Canadian film Sleeping Giant, Mediterranea, The very glamorous The Lobster we shared with the lovey Verity Wislocki post produced it, and I caught up with Michal Kráčmer Maia too!! We also got to see the premiere of Son of Saul, László Nemes' film who Gaëlle had met at Torino Film lab the year before.

Cannes Screenings

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